For most of 2005, I as I heard songs I liked, I searched for them on iTunes and added them to my shopping cart. At any given time, I’d have between 50 and 100 songs in there.

At the beginning of each month I would go through the shopping cart and buy 10 to 20 songs. If a song stayed in there for a few months without me buying it, I deleted it, figuring that if I really wanted it, I would have bought it already.

However, in October my shopping cart stopped working. I tried to solve the issue myself using iTunes support documentation. But I could fix it. So I wrote to support, and referred me to the support documentation and suggested it was something to do with my computer. So I tried to access my shopping cart on two other computers, one Mac and a PC, and got the same issue.

After a month of not having access, I wrote to support again. They looked into the issue for real this time, and solved it by wiping out my shopping cart. Since it contained about 80 songs I had collected over the course of several months, that sucked.

They them informed me that I should not use my shopping cart as I had been doing. And they recommended I create a playlist and drag unpurchased songs I would like to buy into that. I did not know that was possible. It isn’t obvious. At all.

I mean, did you know you could do that? Probably not.

So now I have a playlist called Wish List that I drag songs I want to buy (maybe) into. But it’s nice as easy as adding a song to my shopping cart. And it means that if I can’t added songs at work and access them at home.

Bad iTunes!

Man, I don’t even know why I’m ranting about this, especially when all I really wanted to do was talk about the songs I’m currently listening to.

Maybe next time.