Our five-day drawing bonanza ended with empathetic form. In our case, that meant drawing our own hand.

As usual, Mark was there to help. And I needed it, as I have a hard time figuring out how to portray the dimensions of shapes such as the hand.

This week was the most fun for me. It was a journey into an aspect of design that I have wanted to do and even tried to do previously, but never felt successful. In a way, this week was much more artistic than the others. Although we were given a sense of how illustration comes into play in the job world with idea creation and rendering of concepts, so it wasn’t purely artistic.

The one great thing Mark did was make it clear that we were all capable of drawing. While others were able to draw better than me, I never felt like I was competing with them, or that their level of achievement mattered. All that mattered was whether I could make my next drawing slightly better than the last. And I think Mark’s manner of teaching really helped me to look at it that way.

My knowledge and confidence definitely increased. And I hope to continue practicing, only looking to improve over my previous version.