Seminar Paper

I downloaded about 30 research papers that I thought might pertain to my Seminar paper topic for Jodi Forlizzi. Yes, I know that’s too much. But around every corner is another fascinating paper on some aspect of design. I suppose this insatiable appetite is why I’m in this program.

I also bought Donald Norman’s Emotional Design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things tonight. My paper sort of argues that it’s not necessarily as love or hate proposition, but an intercourse of love and hate.

I also bought Everyware by Adam Greenfield because I was already spending money and it was there and I convinced myself it might be relevant. I will, of course, have no time to read it.


I’m working with Joe Iloreta, Emergence creative director, on a new website design. We have more content to go up, but I’ve been waiting for the design. It may have to go up regardless.

Invitations to keynote speakers are starting to go out. Chris Downs from live|work accepted over the weekend.

We worked out a flexible schedule over the weekend to accommodate our ideas for change from last year. I hope to provide more information on the Emergence site soon.

Thesis Topic

I need a whiteboard and some stickies and markers and play-doh for this one. What am I interested in? You would think I would know.

Despite not having a clear topic, John Zimmerman and Shelley Evenson have agreed to by my project advisors. I’m still meeting with people for my paper advisor. But I’m aiming to have the paper and project relate to each other.


This weekend I spent way too much time moving a client site to a new server. Nuf said.