At my team meeting on Monday morning, I threw out the word “plogger” as a term to define a podcasting blogger. According to Wikipedia, there is no such thing as a plogger. But there is a company working on an application called Plogger, which they define as “a complete drop-in solution for creating and maintaining photo albums on the web.”

Doesn’t exactly fit my definition.

I Plogged It on Odeo

Speaking of podcasting, I was invited to try out Odeo. I’m not sure if this is a great honor or if it’s what happens to everyone who signs up to be notified of its release. But I’ve checked it out briefly, and it looks like podcasting’s version of Flickr.

Note: I reviewed Flickr previously, but now think it’s brilliant.

You can see the most popular or latest podcasts, and search for podcasts by keyword. Podcasts are tagged, so if you find one you like, and others are tagged the same, you can find similar subjects. And you can download podcastings and sync them to your iPod or other portable device (You can also listen from your computer, of course).

They are only giving access to the Create feature to select users at this point, but their goal is to make it simple for broadcasters or anyone (yeah, someone like you) to create podcasts.

I’m not sure it’s wise to offer this kind of technology to just everyone. But I’m interested to see if podcasting becomes synonymous with whining. And I’m sure there will be a few folks who unwittingly record something embarassing and don’t realize it until the entire country is laughing at them. Of course, that’s why the Internet is so cool.

Which Brings Me Back to Ploggers

So really, what are you going to call these people? I think ploggers is a good term. “Podders” reminds me too much of toddlers, and “casters” makes me think of either Casper the friendly ghost or people who play D&D.

Ploggers also works when you think of the necessary verbs that will need to go along with it. For example, which sounds better, “I podcasted it last night, dude.” Or, “I plogged it last night, dude.”

Anyway, Odeo, podcasting, ploggers. I blogged it.