Hugh Dubberly spoke at our Seminar 2 class this morning, but I missed it because I have been deathly ill. Since Friday, I have been fighting some terrible cold. Illness and grad school do not go together.

He was also giving a lecture in my Studio 2 class. I managed to pull my aching body out of bed and get to school for two reasons. First, I wanted to hear what Hugh had to say. Second, we presented drafts of our next Motorola presentation. I was supposed to do all the speaking for my group, but couldn’t for fear of coughing fits. Nonetheless, I was there.

Hugh gave his presentation first, which consisted of a dozen trends in human computer interaction. They are as follows:

  1. Ipv6: everything will have an Internet address
  2. wireless network access will be everywhere (challenge, move seamlessly between devices)
  3. Everything will have sensors built in
  4. haptic feedback will become common (extending our senses)
    (new touch screens can feel like buttons being pushed)
  5. virtual sensors and information dashboards will proliferate
  6. user generated content will continue to grow
  7. mashups built on open APIs will be the rule
  8. geo-spacial web overlay
  9. the days of the mouse and TV remote are numbered
  10. handheld communicating
  11. computing becomes increasingly collaborative
  12. one laptop per child