I am happy to announce that I will be joining Nokia at their new design office in San Francisco this August. The group is headed by Raphael Grignani, who inspired me with this response when I asked him what he would expect from me.

“I expect you to devise and execute with the project team digital design solutions that are compelling and relevant to people. You should be able to adapt and improve the various design methods and techniques you are familiar with to cope with challenges in designing solutions with people’s behavioral changes and their impact on society in mind. I require that you are equally comfortable in contributing or leading a project since project-lead roles rotate. I expect you to share your experiences, opinions, and passions with the others and to learn from them as well. Finally I count on you to be a thought leader that actively contributes to the design community at large – blogging, conference talks, teaching and mentoring students, etc. To sum this up, I want you to talk a lot, to ask a lot of questions, to be eager to learn, to share your opinion and to value creativity above else.”

If you read my blog and know me, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds like Jamin.” I thought it sounded like me, too. And after considering some compelling alternatives, it felt like the right decision. I’m really excited about joining the team. And really excited not to be looking for a job. ;)