GoCoffee service

The GoCoffee team (Kip, Rachel, and I) presented our mobile interface this morning with great success, despite a snafu where the Flash demonstration did not play correctly in the middle of me speaking.

But we rolled with it. Kip, the other grad on the team, stepped up and asked if there were any questions up to that point while I figured out the problem (the presentation opened in Flash 7 instead of Flash 8). Within a minute, we were up and running.

We felt we did well and got a good response from our fellow sleep-deprived students. Kip and I talked to John Zimmerman after the class and got some good feedback from him as well. He complemented us for getting dressed up, and he didn’t seem to have a problem with us naming our persona Johannes Zummerman.

There were, of course, things we would have liked to have changed. For instance, the coffee cups are a bit hard to read.

Also, there were a lot of features that I would have liked to have added to the Flash demonstration that were not possible to flesh out.

When Does Design End?

The answer might be: the deadline for the deliverables. We worked through the night, finishing up around 6:30 a.m. I drove Kip home and got home myself just before 7:00. When I got in the shower it was dark. When I got out, the sun was up.

Today our deliverables were a discussion of our process that led to the mobile application and interface we created, and a Flash demonstration of our device within the stage of our scenario.

Next week will we turn over our process books in the form of a website, and the Flash Lite file that was developed so that we could view our interface on an actual mobile phone.

I am thinking of adding to the Flash before we turn it in along with our process books. So in my mind, while the presentation was today, it’s not done. And I will continue to make improvements while I have the opportunity.

When the website is complete, I’ll post it so you can check out our work. It should make for a decent portfolio piece.