GoCoffee was a result of a project for John Zimmerman’s Interaction and Visual Interface Design course in fall 2006. A Cooperesque persona and scenario drove the design process.

We used research from interviews to develop the persona. In addition, we created a flow diagram and wire frames based on the scenario.

Our final presentation included a Flash movie demonstrating the interface. A FlashLite file was also created to assess the look and feel on a mobile platform.

GoCoffee Team

  • Jamin Hegeman
    Interaction Design
  • Rachel Kurpiel
    Interactive Media Management
  • Kipum Lee
    Interaction Design



GoCoffee Stickies
We categorized the finding of the user research to help identify patterns.

GoCoffee flow
We used a flow diagram to better understand the iteration for our scenario.

GoCoffee Wire frames
We created wireframes to prototype the interface and conduct think-alouds.

GoCoffee think aloud