The part of my brain that?「どィび「s been constantly analyzing my schedule and managing my time, planning what I need to do next and how long I?「どィび「ll have to do it, does not now know what to do.

I turned in my final assignment, a process book for my digital music device project, today at 3:30 p.m. Although there was no reason to be there, I stayed in the studio until 5:30. Doing what? What else? Hanging out with other nonplussed design grads and talking about design.

The past two weeks have been a blur. It?「どィび「s amazing what we accomplished in that period. Process books, poster, products, presentations, videos, more posters, another process book, a final crit. Of course, in order to do all that, certain things had to be sacrificed, like sleep, life, and blogging.

Tomorrow I will try to find out what?「どィび「s been going on in the world and start dealing with all the things I?「どィび「ve been neglecting. Apparently there?「どィび「s some big holiday that?「どィび「s coming up. Got to see what that?「どィび「s all about.

Overall, the first semester has been an amazing experience. Personally, it?「どィび「s been extremely positive. It?「どィび「s hard to believe how much my life has changed over the past year.

Also, I am very impressed with my classmates. I had a party last night just for them. I toasted their skills and talents, and there generosity and character. Both have been very inspiring.

Over the next week I?「どィび「ll try to recollect and share all the work I did. After all, the part of my brain that?「どィび「s been on overdrive will need something to do.