What do you do when you want cake—real cake, not Starbucks fare—but you only want a slice? I find myself in this position frequently. And I always think, “Why are there no fast-food cake shops?”

For years those around me have heard my cries for cake, and witnessed the lament of my unfulfilled desire. Yesterday, I received the following message via IM:

Opening in Squirrel Hill in Dec: http://www.dozencupcakes.com

Your kind of place.

And O M Y G O D is it.

Dozen cupcakes, “Pittsburgh’s newest urban cupcake experience,” will be opening December 15 in Squirrel Hill. And they’re ingredient conscious!

Our cupcakes are made with top-quality ingredients including organic and all natural ingredients. Our chocolate is one of the finest baking chocolates imported from France. Sweet cream butter gives our butter-cream frostings a delicately smooth texture and a rich yummy flavor.

You will find great coffee and tea, and a nice selection of beverages to enjoy with your cupcake, including organic milk. What could be better!!

The future as I have forseen it is finally coming true.