I was looking into my financial aid status tonight to make sure CMU got all my documents. While checking out my account, I saw that my course schedule for the fall had been posted.

Not sure why, but I then entered all of my courses into iCal. After that I wandered off in my mind for several minutes.

Monday and Wednesday
Design Seminar
Design Studio

Tuesday and Thursday
Design Computing

All I keep thinking is that it’s surreal. It’s hard to imagine going to classes instead of an office. And it seems like years ago that I stressed myself out putting together the application to get in. Sometimes it’s like I have forgotten, and I still wonder what I’m doing with my life.

“Oh yeah, school.” And then once again, “surreal.”

Five More Weeks

For those keeping track, I have five weeks of work left until I begin a summer course in fundamental design. Twenty-four more days. Like the doctor says at the end of the movie version of the Bridge Over the River Kwai, “Madness! Madness!”

(I watched that movie today. Read the book years ago. Both are good. The movie has a movie ending, though.)

Surreal madness. Unlike the doctor, I mean that in a good way.