For our final grad studio class, we presented our visualizing information space projects again, with any edits we made. Editing was not required as we had another deliverable due as well. I did not have much time to make major changes, but I did work on syncing the music to the video some more.

Once again, my artifact was the book Else/Where Mapping.

[kml_flashembed movie=”/flash/elsewhere-video.swf” height=”330″ width=”450″ base=”/flash/” fversion=”8″ play=”false” fvars=” play = false ” /]

The process book, which was due the previous week, was reason for yet another sleepless night. Though I felt the result was well worth it.

I was not happy with my previous process book for my data visualization poster. But seeing what my peers had done, and also gaining better knowledge of design through my typography class, provided a more informed direction for this process book.


From the last page:


Although I have a lot of experience with Flash, and a basic knowledge of animation within that context, creating a time-based video for this project proved to be quite a challenge and an exploration into unfamiliar terrority. If I had to do it again, I would like look to another animation program because I found Flash’s ability to deal with animation and audio inadequate.

I would have liked to have synced the animation and the page turnings more closely to the music, which I believe played a very powerful role in the piece. However, the limitation of Flash made this very difficult.

I was very happy with the music piece and thought it fit very well with the movement. Sound is key for video. I think it was helpful to start thinking about sound early.

Even though I shot the photos of the spreads in the School of Design’s shooting studio using a copy stand and powerful digital camera, I was displeased with the variation in photo quality and lighting. Given more time, I would have sought to improve them.

After seeing the work of my peers, I got a new set of ideas. While I was generally happy with the result, I wondered what I could have done if I went with a more abstract representation rather than the physical photos.

Food for thought for future work…