Consuming the majority of my school time recently has been the visualization of information space project, which was due today. My space was the book Else/Where: Mapping. Due to all the other stuff I?ǨѢve been up to or had to deal with (like being accused of intentionally changing server passwords), I did not have the time I would have liked (typical) to fine tune my movie, but it seemed to turn out okay.

I was too tired from my soccer game to pull an all-nighter. And I made the final tweaks about 15 minutes before class. I prefer to think of it as using all the time given, rather than procrastination.

I?ǨѢd post it but the SWF file is 13 MB. To ensure the sound synced up I exported it as a Quicktime movie, which bumped the size up to over 250 MB. This was quite a change from the lean Flash applications I typically build for web use.

The song I used in the movie is still echoing in the chambers of my mind.