Once again Friday brings the end of a project-driven week, and a big sigh of relief. The difference between this Friday and the last five is that next week there is no new project to work on. The design fundamentals course is over.

We’ve got two weeks off before fall classes start. I’ll be doing some work through Yum Yum Web, and next weekend I’m driving down to DC to visit some friends. So I’m hoping to be able to relax a bit.


It’s hard to believe the summer course is over. Saying that it’s hard to believe something is over feels like a cliche. But what can I do. My feeling is a cliche.

The past six weeks have been a real transition. First, I quit my full-time job. Then I start being trained and getting used to the idea that I will be a designer (and maybe I already am). Also, I was thrown together with a group of amazingly talented people from various backgrounds, who, in a short period of time, went from strangers to good friends.

The latter experience has really touched me, especially this week with me entering all my classmates’ homes and getting to know them more personally. It’s helped me to realize that despite my take-over-the-world, be-the-best tendencies, forming a bond with a person is much more rewarding.

I’ll conclude by saying that the design fundamentals course was as much a bonding experience as it was an opportunity to learn the basics of design. I hope that this is a taste of the coming experience when the semester begins.

Time for beers.