As an interaction design student, I have four courses that I was automatically signed up for, all of which are required.

One of the courses, Design Computing, is primarily as Flash course. As I have designed and developed with Flash for many years, I got this course waived. I then signed up for Graduate Typography.

However, while I was working on getting the Flash course waived, I learned more about the curriculum. The first several weeks would likely be mind numbing. But the rest of the course involves working with video and creating games. That sounds fun and easy!

So I?「どィび「m having a dilemma about which to drop, Design Computing or Graduate Typography. If I take the computing class, I?「どィび「ll be with my peers and I?「どィび「ll be doing something fun and easy. Also, there?「どィび「s been talk about me possibly teaching the course next year. So it would be an opportunity to observe the current instructor.

If I take grad type, I will be learning something new and further develop my design skills. And I?「どィび「m assuming this would be the more challenging of the two. I?「どィび「m always up for a challenge.

Since I can’t decide, I’m keeping all five on my schedule for the first week, unless clarity comes to me sooner.

As I was typing this an email came in asking if anyone would be interested in be a TA for Online Information Design. It?「どィび「s basic web stuff. Yes, I would be interested. Will I have the time?