Course registration for the spring semester began today. I was a bit sad the past few days realizing that the classes I chose were to be the last of grad school. There are still many courses that I would like to take. But alas…

In addition to my thesis project and thesis paper, I am registered for the following classes:

  • Conceptual Models
    with Shelley Evenson
  • Design, Management and Organizational Change
    with Richard Buchanan
  • Emotion and Reason in Design
    with Richard Buchanan
  • Color and Communication
    (wait list)
    with Kristin Hughes and Mark Mentzer

I talked to Kristin today about getting into Color and Communication, so there’s a chance I’ll get into that. If I do, I’ll likely drop Emotion and Reason in Design.

In addition to taking class, I am teaching another course this spring: Basic Interaction for mostly HCI students, I believe.