I ordered the White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter from Northern Brewer as an experiment. They now offer one gallon recipe kits, but they are not all grain, as I have been doing for the past year. Instead of mashing the grains, you steep the specialty grains for 10 minutes, then boil and add either dry malt extract or syrup extract. The recipe kits include the exact amount of hops. So no measuring.

Without the mash and sparging, brewing this way cut down a lot of time (From 4-5 hours to 2-3 hours). But it loses a bit of its from scratch feeling, which I’ve grown to appreciate.


Steeping the honey ale grains.


Pouring in the extract.


Steeping the honey porter.


Side by side in the fermenters.


While I didn’t think I filled the fermentors too much, the yeast went crazy and oozed out of the blow off tube.


Both of them oozed. I was a bit haphazard with the yeast. Maybe I added too much.

I found this video very helpful and humorous, as it looked so similar to my setup, including the same IKEA chairs.