This is day five of my stay in Barcelona. I haven’t accessed the Internet or for three days. That’s quite a record for me.

Naturally, the day I left one of my clients decided a feature needed to be available immediately. Six hours ahead, and with some help from support back home, a compromise was reached.

But since then, there have been no problems, which is good, because I haven’t had much time to deal with them anyway.

Barcelona is a great city. I’ve seen most of it via a tourist bus, and hopped off to see places that interest me. I’m here with my friend Matt, who is still sleeping (it’s 2:30 p.m.) from last night’s activities.

Chances are, if you live on the east coast, we went to bed around the same time as you, if not later. Got to love clubs that don’t get started until 3 a.m.

Well, I know this isn’t long, but I must get back the vacationing. I need to return to the apartment and wake Matt up so we can hit the beach.