If you thought this was a roundup of the conference, I apologize. I just wanted to say that I’m at the IxDA Interaction08 conference in Savannah and am heading off to the opening keynote by Alan Cooper in a moment.

Yesterday, a crew of six of us from Carnegie Mellon drove from Pittsburgh to Savannah in a rented minivan. We arrived at our hotel a few minutes before two other of our peers arrived, who had flown. That makes eight interaction design graduates present at the conference.

Carrie and Beste

Last night I ran into Carl DiSalvo and eventually found Dan Saffer hanging out with many of the speakers, including Matt Jones of Dopplr. I also talked to Molly Wright Steenson for a while about the Smiths and Radiohead covers of Smiths sounds. This somehow relates to her talk on Strategic Boredom today.

OK. Got to run. I’ll post more later.