I feel a bit lame, having not written in a while. This month, and this upcoming week in particular, is proving to be one of the most dense. I haven’t had a head to write. This post will likely be a rambling of complaints.

Complainers are annoying.

Today I woke up and read two articles about narrative and design. People process information as stories: interesting idea that I had no time to contemplate as I then reworked my essay on What Is Interaction Design based on feedback I got from my first attempt.

After a few hours of writing and citing and feeling like it wasn’t going to get where I wanted it, I moved on to working on my second project for Information Visualization. After four hours of coding in Processing, I scraped a website of over 4,000 images of beer labels. Now I just have to figure out something to do with them.

I then met the rest of the Emergence team to review the proofs for the postcards we will be giving to the companies that attend Confluence—the design school job fair this week—as well as going in the mail. Does that mean we have picked a theme? Yes. But that’s for another post.

Now I’m working on my portfolio, which is slooooow going. Wonder why.

Tomorrow morning we have another meeting about our theses. It’s at 8:30, which in graduate school time is like 5 a.m. But we get coffee and pastries!

(In graduate school, that’s like steak and lobster.)