Thus the silence is broken.

The spring semester began today, albeit a half day due to MLK. That meant I only had one class, Seminar II with Jodi Forlizzi.

Since “Seminar II” probably means nothing to you, the syllabus says, “This course will explore interaction design through definition, the history of the field, what disciplines have influenced this history, and current and emerging themes.”

Now that I’ve quoted the syllabus, I should also mention that the office of the provost now requires that students be notified that classroom activities may not be copied, distributed, published, or otherwise used for any purpose without consent of the professor. So I told Jodi I had a blog and may write about stuff. And she said it was cool.

What’s not cool is “and so it begins” as a clichéd movie line. See Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for details. But there are many other examples.

The only other point of note about the class is that while most of the reading will be in the form of handouts, we are encouraged to purchase Designing Interactions by Bill Moggridge, as we will be reading several chapters from it.