Although I spent all day working on my data visualization project, I’m still pretty much at square one, if you were to measure my current results by means of a finished project.

I came into the studio late in the day to get some feedback to ensure I didn’t go down the wrong path and tweak all 682 paths that are supposed to represent the number of emails I received during one given week only to find out my vision was flawed. (Yes, I know I said 800 before. I was wrong.)

I got good feedback, which is one of the pluses of graduate school that I didn’t find so much in the working world. There is very little ego here. People ask for criticism and give it freely with the understanding that the goal is a better final result, no matter if it is yours or someone else’s.

If you were to measure my current progress in terms of what I have learned about Illustrator and what I have gained as far as direction, I have been very successful and very productive.

Now I just have to execute. I have 14 paths done, 668 to go, with 13 hours before my target completion time (24 hours before class on Monday to allow for printing).

As usual, I found time to blog. Without further ado, I think some Propellerheads are in order.